Hi, I am Cindy! 

I use holistic practices such as Yoga, Astrology and Somatic Meditation to help people find balance in their life.

I graduated from University with a degree in Psychology but for some reason I always felt that something was missing. That I didn’t have the right tools.
Only a couple of years ago I understood that I was going to need to create a different approach and that is when I started to apply this contemplative practices to my classes and sessions. Therefore, now I am on a quest to deliver this knowledge to my community and to help demystify some of the fears and prejudice that it exists towards them.

Welcome to my Maitri Journey.


Have you ever looked at the sky on a dark night? What did you felt? In my sessions we are going to be answering that and traveling through the cosmos that exists within us.

Body Therapy

A therapeutic perspective in which the body and mind dance, where there is no right or wrong but an exploration of this relationship and how essential it is for our well-being.


Yoga can be a path to self-knowledge. It can help us contemplate our inner world and work towards balancing the chaos in which, some times, we live. In my classes we take the first steps towards that path.

Start your Maitry Journey

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