Who am I? That’s the big question. I know that my journey began on the other side of the ocean, in an idyllic land called Venezuela. I know that my parents’ choices resulted in part of my childhood being experienced in Madeira and that mine led me to Porto.

For a long time I didn’t have the courage to follow my heart, some part of me was afraid to let people truly know me.  I’m really grateful to my ancestors for all the challenges they faced for me to be here today but I have to admit that I wasn’t prepare to fight for my truth. What you will read next are some of the moments that made me wake up and understand that I had to be the one to find my way.

At 15 I had my first contact with my shadow which also led me to find my spirituality. Meditation appears at this stage as a practice that allowed me to overcome the mental illness that was facing and which started an internal search for self-knowledge. At 22 I faced the harsh reality of my mortality, for months I was submerged in the emptiness I felt and I reached a point where I didn’t longer recognized my reflection, I had to enter a Yoga and Vedānta Class to see that this emptiness I felt was simply an illusion. Years later, in a job that was not satisfying me and being really unhappy, the Universe sent another gift, Astrology appears to make me understand that there is an order, that every night spent watching the stars had a meaning.


In 2020, in the middle of a year of profound transformation, I decided to launch this very special project!

मैत्री Maitrī is a word in Sanskrit that means benevolence, loving-kindness, to be friendly. We can also describe it as a form of love which excludes the suffering that can arise from attachment.






If you’ve read this far, thank you. I truly appreciate the time you have given me. There is a profound joy that expands from your heart when you are able to share your passions with the world. For me they are contemplative practices such as Yoga, Astrology and Meditation. 


Now you have a glimpse of what I want to provide to you. A place where we can both grow together. As Ram Dass would say: “a place where we can walk each other home”.

Professional Journey

Master’s Degree in Social, Organizational and Work Psychology by FPCEUP (2010-2015)

Yoga Teacher Training by Casa Ganapati (2020-2022)

Applied Astrology Level I & II by Debra Silverman Astrology (2020) 

Introduction to Body Psychotherapy by IPPC (2021)

Releasing Patterns of Stress and Uncovering Patters of Ease by Body-Mind Centering® (2021)

The Heroine’s Journey: Devi Circle Facilitator by Be Woman Project (2020-2021)

Sacred Astronomy for Astrologers with Gemini Brett Level I (2021)

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