When I think about what Astrology means to me, I am transported to a memory of my childhood in which I am witnessing a shooting stars and I ask for a wish. I don’t remember what the wish was but I can still feel that moment, how perplexed I was with that phenomenon and the possibility of the Universe granting what my heart so longed for. Yes, from a very early age I have had a connection with the stars and whenever I can, I exchange the city for the embrace of a dark sky.


Astrology was born around 4000 years ago, this ancient wisdom has gone through many challenges but there have always been people who believed in its potential and struggled to keep it alive. In 2020 I had the privilege of winning a scholarship to study at the Debra Silverman School, after having completed the fundamentals I was prepared to share my passion with the world.

Today I continue my studies with several Astrologers and Institutions that I love, among them Melanie Reinhart, Renee Sills, Dane Rudhyar, Chris Brennan and Gemini Brett.

For me, at the end of the day, Astrology is a symbolic language, a tool for self-knowledge that allows us to see the order that exists in the apparent chaos in which we live. The experiences we go through, the people we come across, the moment in history we are born into, do not exist by chance. When observing the cosmos, we perceive the cycles of nature and from this observation comes a compassion and the certainty that we are all part of the mystery of the Universe. 


When you don’t follow your nature there is a hole in the universe where you are supposed to be. 

Rupi Kaur

Session Type

Most people that I work with are looking for something that will allow them to expand their horizons in relation to the mystery of life.


In my sessions you will find a holistic view and approach, a space where you can travel back into the past and start connecting the dots. The most important thing is that you take out what is useful to you and discard the rest. Astrology is an ancestral language and the movement of the stars, in this case, must always be interpreted based on human experience.


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I was always very curious about astrology. And the session I had with Cindy was a fantastic journey, a trip, and an invitation to reflection! Being able to look at my birth chart and be able to follow Cindy’s interpretations was spectacular! I recommend – Lara Faria

I have always been interested in several non-scientific themes, with Astrology being one of them. Cindy appears in my life, at a time when I was looking for guidance on this journey that I am taking. Something attracted me to her, we already knew each other from other contexts, but we had never had the opportunity to talk about our beliefs and ways of being in the world. I asked Cindy to read me the four elements, in which she was immediately available. It was a moment of knowledge sharing and self-reflection. A new approach. I was excited and wanted to know more! I asked him to make my birth chart and it made perfect sense to me. Cindy, as an astrologer, helped me clarify and organize some of the issues that haunted me. Cindy in her simplicity, purity and consistency brought me serenity and certainty. I am grateful to you for this work of love that you do! Kiss – Priscila Rodrigues

I am not an expert in astrology, signs and the like. But, I am always interested in knowing more about what I don’t know. Knowing the dedication and love that Cindy put into this project, we set up an astrological chart session. It was very interesting and the best compliment I can make was that time flew by and without going into too much detail I add that I got to know myself a little better or understand me a little better, if you prefer, and that’s not what we all want ? – Rui Martins

In a world that seems to be reversed and in search of answers, I heard about astrology and the light that could make my life shine. Cindy’s way of being, so serene, so peaceful but at the same time so engaging, made our session feel full and at peace with myself. Feeling that the person who is guiding you does it with dedication and affection makes all the difference and is something very rare to find. Thank you Cindy. I recommend it 100%! – Diana Sardinha

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