Yoga for me is more than a practice! Is to wake up every day and say thanks to the universe for one more breath, one more opportunity to be with the people I love, to fight for our mother earth. Yoga for me is to spread my matt and to listen to my heart and breath. Is to connect and reconnect over and over again. I believe that each of us has the choice to look inside and find what has been lost. I lost my goofy smile at some point in my life but nowadays I’m seeing it again. Therefore, I believe that Yoga can make us happy if we just let it happen.


I have an approach to Yoga that makes me want to explore all of its branches. What drove me at first was the āsana (physical postures). I was at a stage where my body was weak and really getting beat up by my mind. And it really worked. After a couple of months, I was getting more flexible, stronger, calmer. It didn’t take me that long to understand that I needed more. That there was, for sure, something whispering in my ear. After that I decided to start studying the other limbs of yoga and when I found Advaita Vedanta and Mantra Japa. I will never forget those first classes. It was such a ‘wow this is it’ moment! Since then, I have become an eternal student of Yoga.


I consider myself a lucky girl, with only two years of traveling through the Yoga World, I had already the opportunity to meet worldwide inspiring teachers such as Filipa Veiga (September 2019); Filipa Li (Aug-Dec 2019); Luke Jordan (Jan 2020); Miguel Homem (since Jan 2020) and Eddie Stern (since May 2020). There is something magic in finding people that make you strive to be a more refined version of yourself. In addition, I have been recently introduced to Mantra and Chanting Classes by Isa Guitana and Sharada Vaidika.

Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.

The Bhagavad Gita


For me, Yoga Classes represent the moment of the day when we can (re)connect with our center. In those moments we are able to unite the polarities that exist inside us. Again and again, we are able to understand, that we are one with the whole creation.

My classes are influenced by the Krishnamacharya tradition. You will find in them Prāṇāyāma (breathing exercises), Āsanas (physical postures), and Mantras (sacred chants). To find out more, just click on the icons.


Everything happens for a reason, and I believe Cindy came into my life for a good one.Her yoga classes are simply amazing. All her exercises are thoroughly explained, she is knowledgeable and sweet.Most yoga teachers forget how intimidating some poses can be (especially if you’re a beginner like I am). Cindy is relaxed and slower paced. I have been able to move into poses that I previously couldn’t. She explains the moves and modifications so that we get the most of the class without hurting ourselves. She is a great teacher and I love how she is able to create a safe space for yoga.If you are looking for personal, consistent home yoga practices, contact Cindy, you’re going to love it! Thank you, Cindy, for your yoga classes and your incredible energy. – Betty Martins

Cindy reappeared on my way without me telling. It is these encounters that make the magic of life happen. With it I learned to be persistent and not to give up. The path is not always the easiest, but the reward is wonderful. I recommend your classes to everyone who wants to embark on this adventure of inner discovery that is Yoga. – Mafalda Sousa

Yoga had been my “acquaintance” for some time, but only the physical aspect, in a gym environment and that’s it. When Cindy started the project I was very excited and the classes started to turn out to be a real pleasant surprise. After all, the idea I had and what I knew about yoga was nothing like what it really is. With Cindy we have a fullness of practice and ourselves, we are able to dive into the true essence of this movement that goes much further than just physical postures. It is the constant development and discovery of our essence with ourselves and the world. Namaste – Maria João Garcia

Cindy came into my life by sheer and wonderful chance. I wanted to start something new, that would challenge me and be beneficial to my body. After trying the classes, I quickly realized that the practice goes far beyond physical exercise and it was in my mental health that I felt the greatest evolution. I recommend it to everyone who wants to embark on a search for inner peace, even in the midst of everyday stress. Thank you Cindy! Namaste – Diana Carvalho

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